【cassette】OlaYshi - Live at Spread


Recorded at Spread Tokyo on 9 Aug, 2022.

OlaYshi(オラワイシ) is..
Tadahiro Ishihara 石原只寛 aka UNBE



2021年 写真家松原博子とsound&photo bookをリリース。六本木クリアギャラリーにて初のサウンドインスタレーションの個展を開催。

After many great years as the drummer of OOIOO, OLAibi finally settled deep in the forest to start her new journey – celebrating and capturing the sounds of the forest.
The music of OLAibi is rooted in being indigenous and elegant at the same time, and it is inspired by ethnic ceremonies and dance.
With the ruminative use of KATAKANA lyrics, which are converted words from all over the world, sampling of her own whimsical drumming, sprinkles of tribal instruments and toy keyboard, along with layering of the sounds of the forest one on top another, OLAibi has created the perfect mishmash music.

Tadahiro Ishihara(石原 只寛)
サックス奏者として六万体、アウトドアホームレスなどの活動を経て、モジュラーシンセサイザーなどを使用した電子音楽ソロプロジェクトUNBEを始動。プリミティヴでリズミックな愛嬌あるビーツ・エレクトロニカからアンビエント、ドローンミュージックまで様々な音世界を展開中。ライブ活動は日本全国からヨーロッパ数カ国まで国内外を問わず、近年ではYPY(goat)主宰レーベル「Birdfriend」からの作品リリース、EM Recordsから発売された『Bird Cage: Birdfriend Archives』に参加。また、YCAM(山口情報芸術センター)のGEIST公演や山梨で行われたINTERDIFFUSION A tribute to Yoshi Wada の公演ではサックスで参加し、サックス奏者としての活動も継続中。

After working as a saxophonist with Rokumantai and Outdoor Homeless, he started his electronic music solo project UNBE, using modular synthesizers and other instruments. He makes a variety of music from primitive, rhythmic and charming beats to ambient and drone music. In recent years, he has released on Birdfriend and participated in Bird Cage: Birdfriend Archives, released by EM Records. He has also participated on Koshiro Hino's(YPY) theater pieces GEIST(2018, 2019), and INTERDIFFUSION A tribute to Yoshi Wada(2021).



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